Russell Simpson

Russell has been on Nantucket since the late 90’s. He arrived on island for a short-term job and return home to Mid-Western Maine. He found Nantucket had a lot of similar characteristics that he enjoyed of life in rural Maine, such as the beautiful landscape and opportunities for Sunday Drives. Twenty years later, Russell has grown deep roots on the island, married to a native with two children, a house mid -island and commercial property with plans to set up a permanent shop and office space.

Russell’s experience from day one is building houses. At thirteen he started working with his father building by hand a garage on the weekends. After high school Russell sought a talented carpenter to work with. When he arrived on nantucket Russell worked for a framer for a year before venturing on his own in 1997.

Russell’s experience is broad as he have run sub crews when personally there making all decisions standing on the ground a lead man. He has had as many as six different crews running around with foreman for each. Russell then started to GC small jobs with my men doing a majority of the carpentry. As he kept adjusting to make sure my reputation was an A+ he realized that men were the weak link out here on Nantucket with all of the obvious issues that go around. So he changed his business model to where we are now at. Russell has found that management of good subs on a smaller scale produces the best built product here on Nantucket. Russell focuses on doing no more than three jobs at one time that are appropriately spaced apart. This way he can put his full attention into each task and make sure full detail is given to each project.