a local family oriented business In Nantucket, MA.

Every day we are creating new relationships and communications with as many of the local businesses as possible. Our perspective is to keep all of the business and work as local as possible. We value the idea of small communities and keeping them strong within themselves. We strive constantly to spend every possible dollar earned here on Nantucket to help keep our community strong and self contained. Russell Simpson INC. is a life long company here on Nantucket. We hope some day to be more than just a one generation company but a multi-generation business that has been around for longer than one can remember.



Russell has called Nantucket home since the late 1990’s. Having originally arrived on island for a short-term job, Russell, like many others, found Nantucket’s charm captivating. From his early days on island, he knew the island’s welcoming character and tight-knit community was where he wanted to be.

After just one year working for a local framer on island, Russell had cultivated the connections to branch out on his own and just three years after that, Russell Simpson Inc. was born.

Russell Simpson Inc. started small, focusing on projects where Russell could personally devote the maximum amount of time to each client. Soon enough, through word of mouth and an A+ reputation, small projects turned into larger ones and Russell Simpson Inc. blossomed into a team of dedicated island professionals.

Russell has found a recipe for success on an island saturated with competition. At Russell Simpson Inc. emphasis is always placed on quality over quantity. By being regimented with the number of projects undertaken, Russell can be involved with all the details.

Surviving as a small business on a tiny island 30 miles out to sea can be challenging. That’s why Russell Simpson Inc. makes a point to partner with local businesses and subcontractors with the goal of keep each dollar earned within the island community. Now, over twenty years after first setting foot on Nantucket, Russell has embedded himself in the island community where he and his wife, Erin, are raising their two children.